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Business Computer Applications Course

Sweetwater High School

Instructor: Mr. Arturo Lopez

Course Overview

Welcome to the Business Computer Applications course at Sweetwater High School. This course is designed to teach students

The students will be given the unique opportunity to learn "real-world" job skills by participating in Sweetwater High School's catering and food service program. Students will learn these skills in order to create, maintain, and expand Sweetwater High School's catering program.

The Business Computer Applications is a two semester course. It is split into Business Computer Applications 1 and Business Computer Applications 2. Students are encouraged to take both semesters of Business Computer Applications, but Business Computer Applications 2 does not require Business Computer Applications 1; students may take BCA 1, BCA 2, or both; the order does not matter.

The objectives for this year long course is to have students learn business, marketing and computer skills. Students will create projects in order to promote, market, and communicate business projects. The students will have the opportunity to learn "real-world" job skills and experiences in:

Furthermore, students of this program will learn the principles of Business Communication and Marketing. Students in this course will also have the opportunity to earn actual money for Sweetwater High School by promoting the catering and food services program.

At the end of this year course, students will have the opportunity to earn a certificate signifying that they have learned these skills and are prepared for future academic and career opportunities.